My Thoughts On Bull Durham

The look on his face was one of utter disbelief. My friend Kent was completely slacked jawed at an off-handed remark I made at dinner one night last January. Once he found his voice it was to say “Are you serious? You’ve really never seen Bull Durham?”

Tis true, my homie. Tis true. Well, it was true until Sunday night when I finally watched the 1988 baseball classic Bull Durham. (And crossed the thirteenth movie off of my List.) (Booyah!)

Bull Durham

Ah yes, Bull Durham, starring Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, and Kevin Costner. It’s a movie about a baseball groupie (Sarandon) who chooses one young minor league player each season to have a fling with (Robbins), only this season she ends up falling for the older player (Costner).

I can not say enough good things about this movie. Susan Sarandon was absolutely perfect in the role of baseball groupie Annie. She could have made that character some kind of one-dimensional tramp, but instead made her into a complex woman who spouts poetry as well as hints to improve her current fling’s swing. Her performance was one of the highlights of the entire movie for me.

And I happen to love Kevin Costner in anything baseball related. I’d probably love watching him read the names and numbers off the back of all the player’s shirts for our local Little League team. Their shoe sizes as well.

To recap: Watched Bull Durham and liked it. The casting was spot on. The side stories and characters were so much fun to watch. (My favorite? The interaction between Skip the Manager and Larry the Assistant Manager. They cracked me up.) Plus, Bull Durham ended exactly the way I wanted it to and I like leaving a movie feeling good.