It’s My Birthday!

Today is my 42nd birthday. That means that I’ve had time to blow out a few candles, make forty-five birthday wishes (I messed up three of them in the 80s and had to redo them) (what? it’s a totally legit thing to do), and learn a few lessons.

It’s some of the lessons that I’d like to share with you now.

No, not really. I’m not about that life. However, I would like to share with you some highlights (and one lowlight) of the past forty-two birthdays.

Highlight #1: I’ve always been inexplicably drawn to knee high boots and currently own a few pairs. Exhibit A:

5th birthdayIt was the year 1977 and three things immediately spring to mind.

One: my Holly Hobbie cake rocked. It was amazing. I used to be completely, all encompassingly (is that a word?) obsessed with Holly. I had the sheets and everything.

Two: 70s era shag carpet was carpeting like no other. It was amazing and I miss it.

And three: look at who is rocking the knee high black patent leather boots! Few kindergarteners did 1977 fashion quite like I did. And I still love knee high boots, black patent leather or otherwise.

Lowlight #1: You can totally redo birthday wishes … especially when said wish involves wanting eyeshadow in precisely the same shade of blue as your eyes … and your eyeliner … and your sweater. I have no defense for this birthday wish (or the lack of fashion sense that I so clearly had when I was five). All I can point out is the fact that it was the 80s and no one was immune to the allure of matching eyeshadow to sweaters back then.

I regret that I don’t currently have a copy of that delightful school photo. Oh yes, I simply had to have matching eye shadow, eye liner, eye color, and sweater for a school photo. A school photo. Can you imagine?

You know the adage “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it?” Um … yeah. I totally understood that message when I received my school photo a few weeks later. Even then my thoughts turned more towards “Yowza – blue overload! What a horrible photo! Better rewind and pick a different birthday wish” than “Dang! I look good, like really good. All this blue was definitely the way to go! Thanks birthday wish!”

When I find a copy of this photo, I will post it here. I think once you’ve seen the picture you’ll agree with me that one can redo birthday wishes.

High/lowlight #2: My beloved husband is on to me. And I’m not sure how I feel about it. I like being able to mess with him, but it’s getting more difficult with each passing year. His gullibility is diminishing. This is kind of a bummer, but I do like a challenge. My feelings are a mixed bag at the moment.

Exhibit B: (the text on the right is me, the left is my husband)

birthday text

Yep. He’s definitely on to me, isn’t he? Shoot. I’d better up my game. Hmm … upping my game might be this year’s birthday wish.