Bacon Fest 2014

Want to know how my weekend went? Two words: bacon festival.

bacon festival

That’s right. I said bacon festival. As in a joyous celebration of fried pork belly. Let me get this truth nugget out of the way: I love bacon and I love festivals, so a festival dedicated to a smoked pork product? Yes, please, as clearly these are my people.

The festival was everything I’d hoped a party dedicated to meat would be. It smelled delicious, was chock full of chubby, slightly inebriated, Midwesterners who were decidedly non-judgey about how much bacon I ate because they were chowing down too, and it had a great band playing. Put away your maps, kids, I have found Nirvana. (The place, not the band.)

I had planned on spending my evening eating my way through the various food tents. In fact, I planned on sampling just about everything on the menu. What? Each booth represented a local restaurant’s bacon-themed food and I do love supporting local businesses (and bacon). Plus, there were simply too many wonderful foods to taste to evoke some type of limit. I’m talking about bacon tacos, bacon ice cream, bacon pizza, bacon BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, bacon cinnamon rolls, and chocolate covered bacon.

Listen up, people: I cannot say enough good things about chocolate covered bacon.

Simply put, it tastes like Heaven, if Heaven were a slab of smoked pork belly dunked in dark chocolate (and I believe that it is). What’s not to love? It’s got dark chocolate. It’s got a nice crispy, salty piece of bacon. That, my friends, is two great tastes that taste great together. This concoction inspired me to want to stop by the supermarket on the way home and purchase four pounds of bacon for experimental purposes. Unfortunately my plan was thwarted by my husband who stated that “No good could come from purchasing, preparing, and eating four pounds of bacon in one night.”

As usual, he is probably correct.

The best part about the chocolate covered bacon was how it arrived at the festival. Due to higher than expected demand, the choco bacon booth kept selling out of the stuff. Fortunately there were several people back at the restaurant making more of this deliciousness and then transporting it to the festival. Transporting it via a red Igloo cooler, packed in ice, just like a vital organ is transported from hospital to hospital. I kind of love that detail.

As soon as the cooler arrived at the tent, a quiet hush fell over the crowd. The quiet hush remained as the lid was lifted off the cooler. Then the lady selling the choco bacon held up the baggies containing this life giving substance in what I call the Rocky on top of the Art Museum steps pose and (I kid you not) cheers erupted from the crowd (mostly from me).

It was the most exciting three minutes of Bacon Fest 2014.

In addition to the many wonderful bacon products to eat (did I mention the Fat Elvis cupcakes?!?!), there was something offered at the 2014 Bacon Festival that the organizers didn’t plan on: irony.

Notice anything ironic in this photo with me holding up a piece of chocolate covered bacon in one had while clutching the cup of extra pieces in a Vulcan death grip in the other? Anything in the background? Like the sign above my head with the red arrow pointing to it?

choco baconOkay, okay. It’s not easy to read the sign. You can see the sign easier in this photo of me sporting my new Bacon Fest 2014 t-shirt. See the irony now?

bacon shirt

The sign is for Curves, a fitness studio. Yep, a fitness studio located in the heart of a block part celebrating smoked pork fat, specifically located right smack dab behind the tables and chairs set up to make inhaling a giant plate of bacon nachos easier and less messy. (I know this for a fact to be true). To make it even better, there is a scrolling marquee in the window of the workout place saying “Now is the time to get in shape for summer!”. Again, in the middle of a Bacon Festival.

I do love a party with a side dish of irony.